Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon Kindle 4 – Kindle Touch

The latest Amazon Kindle 4 Series brings 2 new kindles, the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Touch is about $99 and has sponsored screen savers and ads, which is why the price is significantly lower. It is a small lightweight Kindle that you can read ebooks on and even borrow ebooks from your public library. This ereader is the only one that has text to speech, MP3 support and audio book capabilities. It comes with e-ink which is easier on the yes to read and causes less eye fatigue than other ebook readers. Without the sponsored ads it is $139, and also comes in a 3G network version for $149.

Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon Kindle 4 - The Kindle Touch

Amazon Kindle 4 – The Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle 4 that is currently giving the iPad a run for it;’s money is the Kindle Fire. This is Amazons answer to the pricey Apple iPad. Movies Apps, games, music and more all at you finger tips. You can connect to Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora and many more services to fullfil your entertainment needs in seconds. Kindle Fire comes with a new Browser for browsing the internet. Are you a fan of Angry Birds? you can even play Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire comes with a 7″ color screen that is a touch screen too, and built in WiFi.

Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon Kindle 4 - The Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle 4 – The Kindle

Amazon Kindle 4, The Kindle is now only $79 with special offers and just $109 without special offers. Similar to the Kindle Touch, it has a few less capabilities but it essentially the same as the Kindle Touch. If all you want to do is read books, borrow books from your public library or get new reading material from Amazon, this is the Kindle for you. The previous Kindle discussed had a touch screen this one does not. It has a five way controller seen on the bottom of the reader.

Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon Kindle 4 - The Kindle

Learn more about the Amazon Kindle 4 Here, at Amazon.Com

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