Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Googles iPad Rival – The Google Tablet

As Google and HTC have done in the past and impressed many with their own Smart Phone the Nexus One, Their doing it again with the Google Tablet. Sources say “for the past 18 months”  Google and HTC have produced “several working models of a touch tablet,” including one with Google’s Chrome OS.

While Apple may be changing the way people read newspapers books and many other things, because their putting as much into their content as their tablet, Google has some pretty good advantages as well, such as it’s own ebook service. The Google tablet will probably make good use of this service.

Eric Schmidt said it will not run Chrome OS, however but will build upon the Android OS, their Smartphone. It makes sense to do this since Android already has Apps for it. This is where Google CEO Eric Schmidt was mocking the “big phone”, but making the Google tablet a “real” big phone by using the Android OS.

Check out the vision video for the Google tablet.

Google Tablet

Google Tablet

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