Tuesday, November 21, 2017

iPad News in San Diego, Hilton bayfront To Give iPad Menus To Guests

Global Business Center is giving the hospitality industry a leap of faith or technology, through the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego. On their guest platform, GBCblue’s ORION, GOrion Platforms, GBCblue is making guest services available VIA the Apple iPad and Apple Touch. This gives the guest the ability to “use their own web-enabled devices to order room service, bottle service, everyday amenities”. They can even chat with hotel employees in guest relations, and as far away as the convention center, Petco Park and just about anywhere they can get a connection.


Hilton San Diego Bayfront iPad Menu

Director of Finance at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego, Konstantine Drosos, Says “always exuding the casually sophisticated vibe of the city,” is a stand-out venue in the competitive Hospitality market in San Diego. Drosos also states they are working on giving a branded portal of guest services for guests, to continue the stress-free ease of doing things guests have come to expect from the hotel, when they come to San Diego.

San Diego has an awesome and casual coastal culture and lifestyle, which is known for it’s style and innovation. The Hilton Bayfront has also launched it’s online guest-services portal and Odysea Lounge iPad app, which is based on the ORION e-commerce platform by GBCblue. Guest can use any web enabled platform to request room service, room amenities, address maintenance issues. They can even call for valet or book wine tasting tours in close-by wine country Temecula.

The Hilton will be installing table-mounted Odysea iPad’s for guests to order, or they can use their own iPads, iPhones to order by getting the app from the app store. Emphasizing the flexibility and state-of-the-art feel of the ORION system for Hilton Bayfront Drosos says “One of the most exciting things with GBCblue’s service is handing out iPads in our Odysea Lounge with the portal app. Guests will be able to view and order food from the menu, see color photos of popular drinks, request wait staff, mix their own drinks and surf the web, all from their Odysea iPad.”

The Hilton is also contemplating on expanding to the poolside services and on site Starbucks Coffee. If guests do not have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch to use for ordering, they will hand out iPod Touchs. The current portal was developed with GBCblue to give guests real-time content and services to help them relax in an atmosphere of “Anywhere”.

For more information on the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego go to: http://www.HiltonBayfrontServices.com/

The Hilton Bayfront: Menu

You can get more information on the ORION platform by visiting http://www.GBCblue.com.

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