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Kindle Covers and Cases – Top 10 for 2012

Top 10 Kindle Covers and Cases for 2012

2012 is coming up soon and there’s a whole new family of Kindle readers. The latest generation of kindles have arrived just in time for Christmas and this means there’s a whole new latest generation Kindle covers and cases to be had this season. If you have someone in mind who has a Kindle already or are going to be buying a kindle for someone this year for Christmas, you should also thing about Kindle covers and cases to protect those new toys from scrapes, bumps and bruises.

A Variety of Kindle Covers and Cases to Choose From

Amazon.com has a whole variety of Kindle covers and cases to choose from. Leath covers, neoprene covers, antiqued leather cases and hard plastic rugged Kindle covers and cases. It’s up to you to decide which on is your personality or style, or maybe your gifts recipients personality or style. either way Amazon makes it super easy to get just the right Kindle covers and cases for your person in mind.

Top 10 Kindle Covers and Cases for 2012

Here is a list of the 10 most popular Kindle covers and cases you can get on Amazon today for next to nothing, but the protection is priceless.

1) Kindle Fire Microshell Folio Covers by Marware – $40

This Kindle Cover is Certified “Made for Kindle” and only fits the Kindle Fire, it’s construction is a hard polycarbonate plastic back piece with soft protective material inside the lid for protection to the screen against scratches and bumps or drops. The lid folds back to turn into a stand for reading while elastic straps hold the lid in place and has reinforced corner protection.
Just $40 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Marware Kindle Covers and Cases for the Kindle Fire

Kindle Covers and Cases

Marware Kindle Covers and Cases for Kindle Fire

2) Amazon Lighted Kindle Covers and Cases – $50

Our next Kindle Cover is the ever popular Lighted Kindle Cover from Amazon made especially for the latest generation of Kindles. This is by far THE MOST POPULAR of the Kindle covers and cases on the market today and has been for the past year.

The outside is made of stylish genuine leather with a soft, gray, microfiber suede interior. It has a built-in, retractable reading light that pulls out from the cover when needed for reading in the dark and slides away when not needed. The light itself draws from the Kindle battery so extra batteries are not needed.

This is a great Christmas Gift for those getting a new Kindle or who may already have one.

$50 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Lighted Kindle Cover

3) Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch – $35

Here’s another certified “Made for Kindle”, Marware Kindle cover that is made of RoHS compliant, eco-friendly leather and a soft microsuede interior. This kindle cover comes with a built in hand strap for extra slip protection, built in micro pockets for money and credit cards and a strap to hold the case open or closed. A great accessory for new Kindle and smart looking too.

$35 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Marware EcoVue Kindle Covers and Cases

4) Verso Prologue Kindle Cover for Kindle Fire – $40

This next Kindle Cover is a nice looking faux antique book cover made with a luxurious material on the outside as well as inside. The patent pending elastic straps keep the kindle in place without losing any functionality. The construction is sturdy yet lightweight to protect your kindle and a soft microfiber interior to protect your device with a full sized pocket for carrying documents.

$40 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Verso Prologue Faux Antiqued Book Cover

5)  CE Compass Kindle Covers and Cases – $3.00

The CE Compass Kindle Covers and Cases are ONLY $3.00. That’s right, a very affordable yet protection bases cover made of synthetic black leather with heavy duty stitching and heavy duty material to prevent scratching and bump injuries. This case give all access to all the controls on your Kindle device and has auto-securing magnetic flaps.

$3 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

CE Compass Kindle Covers and Cases

6) Acase Black Leather Classic Kindle 3 Kindle Covers and Cases

Getting or giving a classic Kindle 3 this year? Here’s the perfect cover for your Kindle, the Acase black leather Kindle Cover. This cover has sturdy black leather exterior for protection and soft suede interior for screen protection as well. This cover also comes with a full screen cover screen guard. The top corner strap keeps the Kindle right in place and is built to last.

$9 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Kindle Covers and Cases by Acase

7) JKase Custom Fit Leather Kindle Case – $10

Our next top 10 Kindle Covers and Cases review is the JKase Synthetic Leather Folio type Kindle cover. Perfect fit for the 4th Generation Kindle, this leather folio is smart looking and durable. The synthetic leather is stylish looking, not cheap, and has a tight slim fit for durable protection.

$10 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Kindle Covers and Cases by JKase

8) New York Times Kindle Cover from Riverhouse – $40

This certified “Made for Kindle” Kindle cover has an exclusive print from the New York Times photo archive and is a stunning looking cover to boot. This Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover is sturdy and lightweight, made to last even the toughest of New York Environments. Soft micro-fiber insides for protection of the screen and a full pocket for carrying things.

$40 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

New York Times Kindle Cover

Here’s another from teh same series, the Brooklyn Bridge Kindle Cover:

Kindle Covers and Cases

Brooklyn Bridge Kindle Cover

9) BUILT Kindle and Kindle Touch Neoprene Kindle Cover – $30

This Neoprene Kindle cover is a stylish piece of work. This case has a soft lining protects the screen and is lint free, a pocket to fit your charger or other items and lays flat when not in use. The case hold the Kindle securley when reading and the shape provides an extra added padding for protection against bumps and has a velcro closure to keep it closed securely.

$30 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Neoprene Kindle Covers and Cases by BUILT

10) Eco-nique Natural Brown Hemp Kindle Cover – $27

This is for those of you who like hemp. Hemp Kindle covers and cases by Eco-nique are piece of art and come with a pen pocket, a paper pocket and are the utmost protection for your screen with a soft fiber interior. There is an embroidered pattern on the outside that is unique to this Kindle cover and really looks nice. Made of real, natural Hemp.

$27 at Amazon.com

Kindle Covers and Cases

Hemp Kindle Covers and Cases by Eco-Nique

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