Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kindle Kradle Hands-Free Reading Stand for Kindle DX

Kindle Kradle Hands-Free Reading Stand for Kindle DX – $19.00

Hold your Kindle at “15 degrees from vertical”,  or at “15 degrees from flat” to adjust for different lighting conditions or to your reading posture and keep your Kindle and Cover safe from accidental spills when reading while eating.

Super-light at just 5.4 ounces, the one-piece design is made of resilient ABS plastic. You choose between provided felt and rubber pads so your reading stand either easily slides on table surfaces (use the felt pads) or stays put (use the rubber pads).

Hold your Kindle in landscape mode and still have access to buttons and controller. A charging slot in the “15 degrees from flat” position allows you to charge your Kindle while in the stand. Eat while you read hands-free in the kitchen, at the café or during your lunch break at work or relaxing on the sofa.

The low-profile stand is less than 1 inch high, shorter and narrower than your Kindle, making it highly-portable. Handsomely displaying your Kindle when not in use also makes it easy to find. When reading for long periods of time, vary your handgrip by holding the Kindle in the reading stand with your fingers in the finger slot on the underside of the stand.

Kindle’s speakers perform best by reflecting sound when placed on a table surface. The Kradle SQ similarly and effectively reflects the sound from its reflective surfaces and slots in both the “15 degrees from vertical” and “15 degrees from flat” positions.

Available at Amazon.Com


Kindle Kradle Hands-Free Stand

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