Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kindle vs iPad, The New Ebook Reader

The genius of the Apple iPad is to build on the success of the iPhone by Apple. Some people think that the way we have been consuming information, in a “Search-Find-Consume” manner, Apple’s iPad will possible give Google a run for it’s money in marketing money and equity investing. iPhone uses Google for it’s search-find-click to immerse the user in “content on hand”, and the iPad will be using Google for the same reason. Studies show that most people use Google on the iPhone when performing searches for what they seek.

Another way Apple and the iPad are taking the market and New Ebook Reader by storm is, rather than trying to “Beat them to the Punch”, or “Out-Innovate” them or “Brute Forcing” them, Apple, with the help of the iPad are just changing the game. Period. Not so much of ” My ball I go home now”, it’s “Here’s how the new game is going to be played, and it’s better”. Also building on the fact that the apps are what attract many users to the iPhone, the iPad is going to have many and similar apps for the iPad. Imagine, an ebook reader, that can also surf the web, and track your car with a GPS, and, and, and… You get my point right?

iPad is just going to drive the eBook Reader craze, even crazier and probably drive kindle into a run for it’s money. Such as surfing the net on your ebook reader. Something that Kindle Doesn’t do. Check this out:

The Safari web browser on iPad, is the default browser on the iPad. View web pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen in color and sharp text at a size that’s very readable. Rotate iPad to landscape and the page you’re viewing rotates and then expands to fit the display.

Got Mail? The Mail app on iPad has a natural new way to see email. Hold the iPad in landscape for a split-screen view showing both an opened email and the messages in your inbox, each with a preview of its contents, making it easy to go through email quickly. When you want to focus on a single email message, turn the iPad to portrait, the email message automatically rotates to fill the screen, and you just concentrate on its contents. When you’re ready to compose a new message, a single tap reveals a large onscreen keyboard with keys that are practically the same size as a notebook’s.

Viewing Photos with a vivid LED-backlit display makes viewing photos on iPad a beautiful thing. Watch movies on the 9.7-inch high-res screen, making iPad perfect for watching HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and more, not to mention YouTube.Com. iPod, iTunes, Maps, Apps, calender, contact and much more. Can you see why the Apple iPad may be the new leader in the New eBook Reader scene?

iPad Movies

iPad Movies

iPad Keyboard

iPad Keyboard

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