Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kobo V Kindle

Kobo V Kindle

Kobo V Kindle, which one will best suit your needs? Kindle is the American eBook reader made and made famous by Amazon.com, and the Kobo is a similar eBook reader which is primarily sold in Canada. Barnes and Noble won’t sell their eBook reader outside the US and Kindle Touch is not yet available in Canada but the Kobo is. The Kobo Touch is a touch screen eBook reader and has WiFi just as the kindle touch does and both have 6″ screens.

Kobo V Kindle: Touch or Keyboard?

Before Amazon made the Kindle Touch, Kobo had the touch screen already, the big difference until recently was the Kindle had a keyboard below the screen and the Kobo Touch didn’t, it had a touch screen instead. Now that the Kindle Touch is out they are more like each other. So what else is new or different in the battle of Kobo V Kindle? The Kobo has 5 colors as opposed to the Kindle which has only 3 colors. The Kobos back is also a quilted texture for easy handling. Both are about the same size but Kindle is slightly thinner and slightly lighter in weight. Both the Kobo and Kindle have the eInk Pearl look for ease on the eyes and looks like print.

Kobo V Kindle: Technical Stuff

Kobo V Kindle Readability: Both use the eInk technology so the ease to read on the eyes is a huge part of these two readers.

Kobo V Kindle Battery Life: Both claim to last about a month if you turn off the WiFi and read for about an hour a day, but who reads for an hour a day? most of us use our eReaders for more than an hour a day and sometimes we read everyday and download more books too. My guess without having them side by side doing the extreme test of usage and downloads is they will each last about the same length of time on just one charge.

Kobo V Kindle Storage and Memory: While Kindle has a limit of approximately 3G for user storage or about 3,000 books, the Kobo has only approximately 1G storage memory or 1,000 books, HOWEVER the Kobo has the capability of adding an SD card to hold up to 30,000 books!!!

Kobo V Kindle Navigation: Both have touch screens now and as usual be sure to get yourself a screen shield or screen protection so you don’t scratch your screen or wear it out.

Kobo V Kindle eBooks: Because Kindle is going with a proprietary format they have about 950,000 eBook available for purchase or free on their site. Yes free, they have a section of the classics that are free, please see this post HERE and the Kobo has Free eBooks too. The kobo is going with an open format: EPUB, and because of this it has access to over 2 million books, newspapers and magazines from the Kobo Store as well as lending libraries.

The Kobo can use PDFs as well while the Kindle cannot. One thing the Kindle can do is Text To Voice.  So you can have it narrate to you if you don’t feel like reading.

Overall in the battle of Kobo V Kindle, the two seem like a world apart but upclose they are both pretty similar and I am sure you will be happy with either one, or the other.

For Kindle go HERE.

For Kobo go HERE.

Free eBooks at KoboKobo

Kobo V Kindle

Kobo V Kindle

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