Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Augen’s “The Book” E-Reader with Text-to-Speech, Free eBooks

Augen’s “The Book” eReader has Wi-Fi built-in, a web browser, video player, image viewer, notepad, it supports Adobe DRM for ebooks, and can play music. The Book has a text-to-speech function that can read aloud just about any ebook or text-based PDF. It supports Adobe EPUB and PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2, [...]

293 Free Kindle Classics, The Classics in Kindle eBook Format, All Free and All Kindle.

Free Kindle Public Domain eBooks – Top 293 Classics, All Classics, All Free and All Kindle
Here is a list of 293 classics tales, stories Poems and Horror Novels. They are all public domain and you can get them from Amazon. Just Click Here

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Fairy Tales Every Child [...]

Free Downloadable eBooks and Public Domain eBooks

Comprehensive List of Free eBooks and Public Domain eBooks for free!
There’s a growing list of places to get free kindle books and free ebooks for your ereaders, on the internet. I thought I would start by listing some of the obvious here.

Free Kindle Books on Amazon
Archive.Org – Archive of Free Books
Project [...]