Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Top iPad Cases and Covers from HandHeld Items

HandHelm Items has the most up-to-date iPad cases and covers to protect your hard earned investment. iPad covers and iPad cases have not been in the market long but HandHeld Items has the market share of cool covers and cases to choose from.
HandHeldItems.com a California Based Online Store has been offering the most up-to-date and [...]

Compare eBook Readers Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle by Consumer Reports

If you are still wondering which is best, watch these two videos to compare eBook readers Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s eBook reader The iPad. These videos by Consumer Reports for Kindle and The iPad, have their good points and both have their bad points. This video will show you both and why.
Consumer reports has done [...]

10 Top iPad Covers and Cases from Amazon

10 Top iPad Covers and Cases from Amazon
We have several nice lists of Top Kindle Covers and Kindle Cases, and to keep up with our coverage of top ebook reader covers and cases, we have this list of 10 top iPad Covers and iPad Cases for your Apple iPad. Be sure to check out [...]

iPad Videos to watch – Impressive eBook Reader and More

Kindle Covers and Cases found the videos on You Tube for Apples iPad, and boy is it impressive. We have embeded the videos here so you can watch the videos first hand and see the iPad in action.
Safari Video

Email Application



Top 5 iPad Covers and Cases for Spring 2010

New from Amazon are 5 top selling iPad Covers and Cases for the debut of the New iPad by Apple.
Be sure to check out the iPad at Apples website, and see how much more you get for your money than with a Kindle. The new Apple iPad is due for release on April 3rd, [...]